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Join the Curry Brothers Publishing family. Bring your creative works to us, and we will grow together. Take your project through the publishing process -- from editing, formatting, and publishing to marketing and distribution.

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YOU Come First! It’s Our Motto.

Curry Brothers Publishing is a new and dynamic publishing enterprise where the client is always our number one priority. Our goal is to become the premier print-on-demand (POD) publisher in the industry -- a title that must be earned. Our plan to be successful in this industry is a simple one: Ensure our client always comes first. There are many independent publishers; therefore, as a writer, you must ask yourself a question, “How do I choose the right publisher?” We believe the answer lies in trust. The goal of some independent publishing companies is simply to fatten their bottom-line, leaving book sales and customer satisfaction running a distant second.

At Curry Brothers Publishing, we believe in relationship building. Our objective is to ensure your satisfaction by earning your trust and respect. The most important elements of our business are the clients we serve. With our partnership, we will ensure your creative work is published, distributed, and sold through a quality process built on integrity. In order to accomplish publishing or to market your book, your personal involvement is essential. We solicit your input and ideas as we strive to achieve the common goal of publishing your work. No decision is final without your approval.

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Shop around. Compare us to other POD publishers. We believe that you will find our services and prices will beat our competition. Should you choose to become a member of the Curry Brothers Publishing family, you too can take pride in the following: We do not accept any mature subject matter relating to sexual exploitation or other mature degenerative themes. Our focus is on fiction, non-fiction, educational, motivational, poetry, religious, and children’s books. We also publish memoirs and academic works. We reserve the right to deny any material we feel is inappropriate for our publication guidelines.

We offer book marketing and printing-on-demand (POD) services. Printing on demand gives you the freedom to order as few or as many copies at a time as you need. Copies of the book are not printed until an order is received. This eliminates excess printing and allows you to maximize profit from each book.

Curry Brothers Publishing is proud to offer a wide range of services to ensure your book receives the attention it deserves. We offer the services of a large publishing house with the personalization of a small press.

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