Print-on-Demand Publishing Services

Curry Brothers Publishing is proud to offer a wide range of services to ensure your book receives the attention it deserves. We offer the services of a large publishing house with the personalization of a small press.

Specialty Publishing

Publishing packages are designed to provide services specific to your individual needs and book genre. You can choose to publish your work in classic black and white or in dazzling full-color.

Poetry, Religious, Motivational, Children’s, Sci-Fi and more — Curry Brothers Publishing has designed specialty publishing packages for many book genres.

Family Heritage Program

Every family takes pride when they know their family’s history. Curry Brothers Publishing has created a program specifically designed to assist families in accurately capturing the history of your family for as far back as you can document. We help you preserve old pictures, stories, maps, and significant events from your family’s past.

The Family Heritage Program can be used as a fundraiser or serve as a memory chronical for recent deceased loved ones. The Heritage Legacy Program rekindles excitement and pride as you look back over your family’s history. This program is uniting families by presenting a common goal that uplifts and inspires.

Legacy Program

We have a very special Legacy Program where we work with your local funeral home to help you preserve the life, cherished stories, and beloved pictures of your recently-lost relative. We have an expedited service where you upload critical information into our Legacy Portal, about your loved one (up to 50 pages), along with 25 pictures that are high-resolution jpeg images and we will prepare a finished book within 30 days. Contact us directly, or your local funeral home for additional information.


Our goal is for you to sell as many books as possible. We will help you develop marketing strategies that expand your professional network by connecting you with people beyond your circle of influence. Our team of professionals recommends each author publishes their own individual website for the book project and leverage external distribution networks that help develop brand awareness.

We offer various marketing services to enhance the circulation of your book. You pick the services that best fit your book.

  • Custom Media Kit
  • Scheduled Book Tours
  • Banner for Book Signings
  • Separate Web Presence
  • Postcard & Flyer Design
  • Additional Press Releases for Local & National Media Outlets

Coaching & Consulting

We offer a premier training program that takes you from concept to delivery. With our partnership, we will ensure your creative work is published, distributed, and sold through a quality process built on integrity.