Meet the Curry Brothers

Kenneth D Curry

Kenneth D Curry
(September 13, 1958 – June 26, 2008)

Kenneth Curry, more commonly called "Danny" by his family and close friends, created Curry Brothers Publishing in 2003. As a youngster, he grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, and West Palm Beach, Florida. While in high school, he took classes in creative writing and filmmaking. He was an avid reader and wrote and published over 26 books during his lifetime. His premier published title is The Legend of the Dancing Trees, a children's story based on African American folklore.

Kenneth received a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Music Education from Tennessee State University. He taught instrumental and general music at the elementary, middle, high school, and university levels. Kenneth was married to Wilma Mosley-Curry until his untimely departure. We appreciate his leadership and insight into establishing this company.

Gerald D. Curry

Dr. Gerald Curry, PhD

Gerald currently works for the federal government in Washington, D.C. After serving honorably for 27 years in the U.S. Air Force, he retired as a Colonel and relocated to Northern Virginia.

He earned a doctorate degree in management from Colorado Technical University, a master's degree from Troy State University, and a bachelor's degree from Tennessee State University. His book, Striving for Perfection, Developing Professional Black Officers, is endorsed by President Barrack Obama, General Colin Powell, and several senior government and military officials. He serves as an Adjunct Professor for Colorado Technical University, graduate and undergraduate Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Departments. Gerald writes a monthly leadership column for The Urban Voice Magazine in Las Vegas, Nevada. He served as Outreach Director for the historical film documentary For Love of Liberty, The Story of Black American Patriots, Eleventh Day Entertainment, Hollywood, California. Gerald is active on several international, national, community, and civic organizations designed to inspire and motivate young people to do their best and safeguard our national interest.

"Our goal is to tell the stories that may have never been told."

Robert Curry Jr.

Robert Curry

Publisher, Musician, Special Educator. Robert is a retired public school teacher where he taught Special Education (Resource) in Middle Tennessee for over two decades. After teaching music in South Carolina's School System, he dedicated his professional life to serving those students that truly needed "special" consideration. He taught at DuPont Tyler Middle School, one of Nashville's top-rated Non-Magnet Middle Schools, and was selected as 2010 Teach of the Year. Robert has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education, Master of Science Degree in Special Education from Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee, and an Associate of Science in nursing from the Academy of Health Sciences, in San Antonio, Texas. He spent 15 years in the U.S. Army as a Trauma Nurse and retired from the State of Tennessee Department of Corrections as a Staff Nurse. Robert dedicates his time serving in the church and believes there is a book in all of us waiting to be published.

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